Affordable Boiler Installations Harrow

Affordable Boiler Installations Harrow


Affordable Boiler Installations Harrow


Don’t leave it till the cold sets in without having your boiler checked. We are Professional and Qualified boiler and heating engineers and we don’t want you sitting in a cold home when those temperatures dip.

Unfortunately most people leave it then there is a cold snap and the heating gets cranked up and because they have not had their boiler services for a few years they then find there is a problem and trying to get hold of a plumber at this time of year is practically impossible as they are booked for days if not weeks.

We are a friendly team and you will find our prices affordable too, we can carry out boiler maintenance, boiler repairs and boiler replacements to all Harrow customers.

We have been in the heating business for over 15 years and have a very good reputation and we want to keep it this way.

If you would like a boiler check or have a problem with your boiler in harrow, simply call Free on: 0800 8247013

Or visit our website and we will be back to you shortly: Affordable Boilers Harrow

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